Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your loan related queries below!

Loan Account Queries

When is my next EMI due? How can I view my EMI Status?

EMI due date is 3rd of every month. This is reflected in your Statement of Account (SOA) as well as repayment schedule. You can view your SOA by downloading our app from Google Play Store.

How do I change my EMI due date?

We currently do not have an option of changing the EMI due date. This is keeping in mind the uniformity of payment due dates for all our customers.

How can I get my Statement of Account?

Simply text “Hi” on Whatsapp from your registered number to our customer care contact 9209058000.

Alternatively, you can view your SOA by downloading our app from Google Play Store

Update Contact Details

How do I update my Personal Information like Address, Mobile No?

Please contact our customer care: +91 9209058000.

Overdue Payments

How can I make my overdue payment?

You can pay overdue amount in one of the following manners.

  • Click here to pay online
  • You can also pay EMI using digital payments app like PayTM, BHIM and Google Pay. Simply search “Loksuvidha” in Loan repayment section and put your Loan account number to fetch the due amount.
  • Make payment online by RTGS / NEFT in LokSuvidha Account.

         Bank details are as below:

         Bank Name: State Bank of India
         Account Name: LOKSUVIDHA FINANCE LTD
         Account No: 37522916437
         Account Type: Current
         IFSC CODE: SBIN0000432
         Branch: KINGSWAY, NAGPUR.


How do I foreclose my loan?

Please call us at +91 9209058000, or write to us at customer to place a request for Foreclosure letter. You may also visit nearest LokSuvidha branch in your location to make payment through cash (Upper Limit Rs 50,000) /cheque mode and get the e-receipt for the payment made through email/SMS. Please produce registration certificate of your vehicle along with valid Id proof. Alternatively you can also use Online RTGS / NEFT mode of payment.
Bank details are as below:
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Account No: 37522916437
Account Type: Current

What are the foreclosure charges?

Foreclosure charges vary from product to product. Please contact our customer care for the same.


How will I update my vehicle registration details on my loan account?

Please note that, we will need your vehicle registration certificate (RC) copy before producing NOC. In case you have not submitted your RC to us, kindly visit the nearest LokSuvidha branch and provide copy of your RC. Alternatively, you can send RC via email to noc [at] for updating vehicle registration details.

How will I get NOC of my loan?

After completion of your loan tenure or after payment of all overdue charges, if we have your vehicle registration details, we dispatch your NOC to your registered address by registered AD. In case you have changed your address, please contact nearest LokSuvidha branch to update your address.

If you have not received your NOC at your address, please get in touch with

    • Call us on our helpline number 
      +91 9209058000 and ask for NOC assistance
    • Write to us on
    • Locate and Visit nearest LokSuvidha branch

Other Queries

How can I contact LokSuvidha?

To contact us you can:

  • Call us on our helpline number +91 9209058000
  • Write to us on
  • Locate and Visit nearest LokSuvidha branch

Loksuvidha Customer Mobile App

How to download LokSuvidha Mobile App?

You can download LokSuvidha Mobile App from Google Play Store. After downloading the app, please enter your Loan Account Number and confirm mobile number given at the time of requesting the loan. Once your login is successful, You can see your Statement of Account (SOA), repayment schedule, your registered address with us, Overdue Amount, etc.

I am unable to recover my Loan Account Number for logging in to the app and website. What should I do?

You may call us on our helpline number +91 9209058000, or write to us on [at] We will get in touch with you.